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Author Voices
a public event

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  • Diane Dehoney & Paul Sawyier Public Library

  • BWC Project Committee:

                Paula Miller

                Debbie Ison

                Shannon McRoberts

                Chris Helvey

  • The BWC writers who were willing to "put themselves out there" and share their writing

Members of the Bluegrass Writers Coalition will hold a free Community Reading on Saturday, October 15 from 1:00 to 2:15 at the Paul Sawyier Public Library River Room. This reading is open to the public and all are welcome. 

Come and join more than a dozen local writers as they read 5 minute excerpts from their novels, memoirs, plays, and poetry.  You will be amazed at the diversity and talent by these writers as they (sometimes reluctantly) share their work through their voices rather than their pens.


Following the readings, refreshments will be served and the authors will hold a question-and-answer session. Participating authors will also be available to meet and chat with the attendees.  


Chris Helvey: Last Train to Miami (excerpt)
Linda McAuliffe: Flight of the Wind (excerpt)
Pam Hirschler: The Sum of the Parts (poetry)
Richard Taylor: Attention, the Task of Restoring Democracy, and Night Driving (poetry)
Tom Webster: Voyaging (poetry)
Vicki Easterly: My Farm & Soul Blue (memoir & poetry)
Shannon McRoberts: Scorpions of Justice (excerpt)
Melissa Raine: Kentucky Cherry Blossoms & The First Crocus of Spring (poetry)
Paul Stansbury: A Conversation on Writing (essay)
Rachana Rahman: If (poetry)
Debra Ison: A Fiery Murder (excerpt)
Gloria Casale: Counting Down (excerpt)
Paula Miller: The Long Night (poetry)
Damian Beach: I Coulda, I Shoulda, But I Didn't (play)


Questions? Send us a note through the Contact page.

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